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  • $Cash Out CyberRewards Points
  • $Cash Out CyberRewards Points

$Cash Out CyberRewards Points

Excluding GST

This digital purchase provides members the ability to cash out their CyberRewards Points.

  • Members MUST checkout this store item to begin the cash out process. You will recieve access to a digital download and an email detailing the process.
  • A minimum of 15000 points can be cashed out at any one time. Multiples of 1000 above 15000 are then used to cash out. For example 16000 points can be cashed out, but 16320 cannot.
  • There is a administrative fee of $20.00 AUD applied to each cash out. This will be deducted from the CyberRewards points cash-out value upon processing.
  • Please note the cash-out process can take up to 45 days to process.
  • As of April 2023 the cash out ratio is 200 CyberRewards points to $1 cash.
  • Refer to the CyberRewards points program Terms and Conditions for more information on the cash out ratio