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  • Coaching Session with a Founder - 1 Hour

Coaching Session with a Founder - 1 Hour

Excluding GST

Boaz and Scott the founders of CyberRewards are industry veterans and have decades of experience between them. 

Why not setup a coaching session with Scott or Boaz to help you on your Cyber Journey. These Cyber coaching sessions typically cover (but not limited to):

1. Discovery of your current cybersecurity posture state and issues

2. Help you determine your priorities for cybersecurity based on our business focus and its use of IT

3. Talk through a recent security challenge, and undertake a review as needed

4. Discuss options to solve your use of Cloud

5. Deep dive on any of the CyebrRewards journeys

6. Discuss specific threats that are targeting your business and you can thwart them

7. Help join you with a partner, solution or service provider to solve your cyber challenges


  • Once you have made a purchase of this store item the CyberRewards team will reach out to you within 2-business days to confirm the next available session, and with which Founder.
  • The coaching session will be conducted over a Google Meet meeting.
  • These sessions are limited to one session per member per month.
  • All CyberRewards members will  receive 4 CyberReward Point per $1AUD spent on Founder Coaching sessions
  • You can use redeemed CyberRewards points coupon codes on this purchase.