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  • CyberRewards Expert Credit

CyberRewards Expert Credit

Excluding GST

CyberRewards experts are industry veterans and have decades of experience that you can take advanatage of using CyberRewards expert credits.

When you need to spend additional time with an expert, then use CyberRewards expert credits to pay for them.

1. A CyberRewards expert will quote you the activity of what needs to be delivering using a number of expert credits.

2. Each expert credit costs $200.00 AUD.

3. Ensure to add the name of the CyberRewards exper that you are working with to the order when you checkout this store item.

4. Depending on the type of expertise required, length of activity and urgency, the expert will vary the number of credits required. The expert will confirm the details or the expertise required in email.


  • Once you have made a purchase of this store item the CyberRewards team will reach out to you via email within 2-business days to confirm the purchase and number of credits.
  • A confirmation email will contain a code and number of credits that can then be provided to the expert to begin the required activity.
  • All CyberRewards members will  receive 4 CyberReward Point per $1AUD spent on expert credits
  • You can use redeemed CyberRewards points coupon codes on this purchase.
  • Once purchased expert credits are purchased they are non-refundable.

    Expert credits can be exchanged for a limited number of CyberRewards store products.

    Expert credits do NOT expire.

    Please reach out to to discuss your expert credits.