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  • NinjaOne Core - Management and Patching - Monthly - 50 EP Starter

NinjaOne Core - Management and Patching - Monthly - 50 EP Starter

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NinjaOne Core offers the Worlds best End Point and Patch Management Self Service Platform. By automating your patch management process, NinjaOne can significantly reduce both the amount of time your team spends patching and the time your endpoints stay unpatched.Ninja gives you complete control over how each endpoint is patched including – patch identification, approval, and deployment schedules. Patch policies enable you to optimize and automate patching across endpoints at scale while ad-hoc management gives you the flexibility and speed needed to deploy critical updates quickly.

  • There is a minimum purchase of 50 end points to utilise the NinjaOne solution. This store item is to purchase the first 50 end points. You can then "Top Up" with the Ninja One top up store item.
  • This is a 1 month subscription for 50 end points. To buy blocks of 50 end points simply incremement the count in the cart.
  • All CyberRewards members will  receive 4 CyberReward Point per $1AUD spent on the monthly subscription.
  • Once you complete the CyberRewards transaction, you will be sent an email and a PDF file with instructions on how to utilise this service and instructions for onboarding.
    • Windows, Mac, and Linux management
    • Monitoring, notifications, and alerts
    • Remote tools (file explorer, task manager)
    • OS and 3rd party patch management
    • Active Directory management
    • IT automation, scripting, and custom fields
    • Hardware and software inventories
    • Custom branding
    • Reporting
    • Mobile app (iOS & Android)